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Wallingford Beast Sighting?

Aug 13, 2010

One of the store’s security cameras recently picked up what might just be another sighting of the increasingly mysterious creature known only as the Wallingford Beast. You can see Molly diligently working in the back unpacking boxes of goodies. Keep an eye on the lower right corner of the doorway. What the heck is that thing?? Check it out!

The Truth about Ninja

Aug 9, 2010

It’s pretty well known that Archie McPhee loves ninja. We love them so much that we’re always eager to learn more about them. We know that lots of you are fascinated by ninja too, so we wanted to share a very informative and interesting article that we recently ran across out in the wilds of internet land.

Were ninja really evil assassins for hire?
Were they all male?
Could a single ninja really defeat five soldiers?
Did ninja ride enormous turkeys or were they in fact incredibly small and thus rode average-size turkeys?

You can find out the answers to almost all of these questions right here.

Signs, Signs Everywhere There’s Signs…

Aug 6, 2010

One of the many things we are known for at Archie McPhee is our merchandise signs. Be they clever, artistic, witty or just plan wacky we really strive to make our signs a great accompaniment to our fantastic products. The sign below is a great example.

However, every now and then one slips through the cracks. Below is a sign that was so bad that we actually saved it for years. We drag it out periodically to remind us what not to do! So without further ado we present the worst Archie McPhee sign ever!

August Coupon – What’s For Lunch? Spinner

Aug 2, 2010

The beginning of a new month means there’s a brand new coupon available on the Archie McPhee store website! All throughout August, while supplies last, you can bring in this coupon [click the image to print!] and redeem it with purchase for one FREE What’s For Lunch? Decision Spinner. Never again will you be left wondering what to do when lunchtime rolls around.