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Brand New and Delicious at Archie McPhee!

Oct 11, 2010

Remember that scene from Charlie & the Chocolate Factory in which naughty Violet Beauregarde devours a piece of experimental chewing gum and turns into a giant blueberry? Rest assured that trying our new Thanksgiving Gumballs won’t involve such dire consequences, but it does involve an entire meal’s worth of deliciousness! Will you portion out the turkey, cranberry, and pumpkin pie flavors into separate courses or mix them all together?

Only at Archie McPhee. . .

Oct 7, 2010

A couple weeks ago a woman came into the store and purchased a pair of Squirrel Underpants. There’s nothing at all unusual about that.

While she was checking out, she asked one of our employees if she could return the underpants if they didn’t fit her squirrel. As you might imagine, that’s not an unusual question to hear at this store, but we usually take it as it is usually meant – as a joke.

This customer then revealed a real live orphan baby squirrel that she’d been caring for since its nest had fallen from its tree. Now, it’s important to note that she told us wasn’t really going to try to put the Squirrel Underpants on her little charge, but it just goes to show that you never know what to expect here at Archie McPhee.

Picking Favorites

Oct 4, 2010

At the beginning of every month the staff at Archie McPhee pick their current favorite items to be featured both in the store and on our Flickr page. Here are a few of the picks for October:

Jeff picked a certain unmistakable mask and transformed himself into DJ Elephant Man:

Maika has begun assembling an army of Cuttlefish minions:

And Fuzz selected the Red Fez to show off the fact that he’s truly the life of just about any party: