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Shiny and New at Archie McPhee!

Dec 30, 2010

Here are a few Super Awesome new items that arrived at the store this week:

The one and only Dear Leader Tongue Scraper!

Fugu Mints, all of the fishy delicacy with none of the lethal risk!

Keep those pesky creepy, crawly things out of your ears with these convenient ear guards!

Whether you’re a surrealist, a post impressionist, or an abstract expressionist, don’t be caught dead at your next art opening without the proper facial hair from Archie McPhee.

The Dapper Hippo

Dec 27, 2010

At Archie McPhee hippos wear their hats at a jaunty angle.

Zombie Claus

Dec 17, 2010

He fills your stockings with delicious braaaaaains. . . that is, if he doesn’t devour them all himself first.

Handerpants! Underpants for Your Hands! 2 Minute Infomercial!

Dec 9, 2010

December Staff Picks

Dec 6, 2010

November is over and December has begun, which means that the Archie McPhee staff have selected new favorite items to share with anyone and everyone. Here are some of their selections:

Shana picked the Archie McPhee Pirate Stocking Cap. She says, “It’s cozy and stylish!”

Pete chose the Inflatable Fruitcake. Referring to the skeletal Santa Claus (who clearly didn’t get enough milk and cookies last year) hanging up behind him, he says, “It may be too late for him but it’s not for you!”

Jeff picked our sweet two-way trick squirting camera. You can set it to squirt out at your subject or in at the photographer. That’s twice the mischief and twice the fun! “Smile for the camera Mr. Owl (hee-hee).”

Maika picked our selection of dyed turkey quills. She says, “If Dumbo could do it, then so can I!”

Jackie chose our brand new Cupcake Air Freshener. She says, “Mmm. . .the irresistible scent of cupcakey goodness!”

Molly chose another brand new product. This awesome little item is both a bottle opener and corkscrew that’s shaped like a handlebar mustache. Nice! She says, “Finally–a corkscrew/bottle opener with class.”

Check out lots more staff favorites here!