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We want your blood! Save the Date!

Sep 29, 2011

It’s nearly October which means Halloween preparations at Archie McPhee are in full swing. And Halloween at Archie McPhee, aside from a week of awesome costumes, a decorated store, and trick-or-treating, also means it’s time for our annual Halloween Blood Drive. This Halloween marks our 18th year of gratefully accepting your life-saving donation of blood in exchange for juice, cookies, and a sweet thank you gift from Archie’s.

The Puget Sound Blood Center will be outside the store in their Bloodmobile on Halloween, Monday October 31st, from 12pm to 6pm. You can call the store anytime (during business hours of course) to schedule your donation time or you can simply show up on Halloween between noon and 6pm. Either way we’ll be thrilled to see you!

Q&A with Jeff

Sep 21, 2011

It’s time for another round of Q&A with a member of the Archie McPhee store staff. This time we’ll hear from Jeff!

Archie McPhee: What is your nerdiest secret?

Jeff: I let my nerd flag fly free. I don’t think I have any nerdy secrets. I do however count stairs when I walk down them. I do not do it when I walk up them though.

AM: What is the strangest thing inside your fridge right now? What’s the most delicious?

Jeff: A plastic “pee guy” figure and I don’t have anything delicious in my fridge right now but, I am going grocery shopping today and I am aiming to fill it with only delicious things!

AM: Do you collect anything in particular?

Jeff: I collect fish (live ones) and paper towel tubes.

AM: What is your superpower?

Jeff: Thumbs, I have two of them and they are very useful. I consider that a super power I guess.

AM: What Archie McPhee product do you wish you’d had as a child?

Jeff: The mini Guillotine!

Thanks Jeff. We can’t wait to see what you do with all those paper towel tubes!

Stay tuned for more Q&A sessions with other members of the Archie McPhee staff.

Funny or Not Funny – Season Two – Episode 5

Sep 15, 2011

Nai and Gibson are back discussing what’s funny and what’s not. This time they tackle Emergency Underpants and His & Hers Dental Floss. If ever there was an episode not to be missed, it’s this one.

Check it out:

More Fun with Laughing Squid!

Sep 6, 2011

The awesome Rusty Blazenhoff from Laughing Squid recently paid a visit to Archie McPhee headquarters located in Mukilteo, Washington:

She was first greeted by our entrance guardian, this Papier-mâché Ganesha, the Hindu God of Success.

And then invited to choose the manner in which she announced her arrival. Rusty chose the Panic! button.

A complete tour of the facilities included a stop at our entertaining showroom, which contains a sample of each of our current products.

Demonstrating what a brave person she is, Rusty sampled some of our candy prototypes. She says, “They made me try Ham mints, which I soon regretted.” Mmm. . . Ham. . .

Then she sat in on one of the staff creativity meetings. This is where the McPhee magic originates.

While Panda Monium was preoccupied trying to disguise herself as a horse, everyone else had a great time visiting with Rusty. For more photos from Rusty’s visit head over to Laughing Squid!