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Underpants Candy Commercial

Apr 24, 2012

The next time someone tells you, “Eat my shorts,” you tell them no problem and pull out your tin of tasty, tutti frutti Underpants Candy. These might just be the yummiest underpants you’ve ever eaten and some of the strangest and silliest candies ever made:

Seattle Firemen vs. Superstition

Apr 20, 2012

Did you pay us a visit last Friday the 13th? If so, we hope you took a deep breath and accepted our challenge to walk under the giant ladder in order to win a prize.

We were thrilled when a few of Seattle’s Finest dropped in and tried their luck. Look at these awesome guys! They truly are fearless.

Test your luck on Friday the 13th!

Apr 12, 2012

Another Friday the 13th is upon us. That means we get to break out an awesome, long-standing Archie McPhee tradition: daring customers to tempt fate and take a walk under our big ladder on the unluckiest of days.

But we wouldn’t ask our beloved customers to test their luck without offering something in return. All customers brave enough to accept the challenge will be rewarded with a prize. You don’t even have to be quite as daring as this awesome fellow who decided walk under the ladder while holding an open umbrella:

So come on over tomorrow, Friday the 13th, and fly in the face of superstition in exchange for a prize!

Return of the Passover Plague Bags!

Apr 5, 2012

This year Passover begins at sunset on Friday, April 6th. In keeping with Archie McPhee tradition, we’ve got you covered with the latest edition of our Bag O’ Plagues. From year to year you never know which items we’ll choose to represent each of the 10 plagues. Here’s the breakdown of the contents of the 2012 bags of Passover Plagues represented in true Archie McPhee style:

Blood – Bag O’ Blood Candy
Frogs – Rainforest Frog
Vermin – Party Rat
Flies – “Fly Swatter” & Fairy
Cattle Disease – Plastic Cows
Boils – Latex Wound
Hail – Glass Ice Cube
Locusts – Grasshopper or Cricket Clicker
Darkness – Eye Mask
Death of First Born – Plastic Baby

It’s a party of biblical proportions inside every bag! The Bag o’ Plagues is only available at the Archie McPhee store and quantities are limited. So don’t delay, come on over and pick up your Bag O’ Plagues now!