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Cult of Unicorn

Jan 13, 2012

Are you a secret unicorn? We’ve found that many people, especially our customers, are secretly unicorns in their hearts – honest, forthright and, to tell the truth, a little weird.

Because of this we’ve decided to start our own cult! The Cult of Unicorn.

Click the photo of Dan’l (wearing the incredibly awesome fuzzy pink lederhosen costume he made himself!) to read the Unicorn Manifesto and answer for yourself, “Are you a secret unicorn?”

One response to “Cult of Unicorn”

  1. Chauncy Wildflower says:

    i have recently been brought into this cult-and it is very exciting indeed! and very secretive. in fact, i can’t exactly tell you what it is that makes me a member, because if you don’t understand it, you haven’t run with the unicorns yet. signs to watch for: the word unicorn enters your speech randomly, at least once a day. you find yourself wearing unicorn glitter, and you didn’t even know that existed! you stand silent and proud when someone says unicorns aren’t real. they just don’t know. do you? stay on the lookout, coming soon a new 5 minute feature film reveals a corner of the cake-Running with Unicorns!