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Jeremy’s Book Recommendations: “The Nose”

Apr 18, 2011

I’d like to introduce a new recurring feature for the Archie McPhee Seattle blog. Jeremy, who you might remember from a previous post in which he had some primate friends perched on his shoulders, is going recommend stories and books that he has enjoyed that are also related to products in our store. Here’s the first one, we hope you enjoy it!

Looking at the Nose Pencil Sharpener brought to mind one of my favorite Nikolai Gogol stories, “The Nose,” in which a man’s nose leaves his face and becomes a character in its own right. The nose’s previous owner, Major Kovalyov, watches as his schnoz is not only accepted by the people with whom it interacts, but also achieves a higher rank in the military than the man to whom it belonged in the first place. The story follows the Major as he tries to makes sense of a world seemingly gone mad in its illogicality and inability to question the incredible absurdity which seems so obvious to him. This is exactly how everyone in your office will react when you take out your Nose Pencil Sharpener, stick a pencil in its nostril, and begin to turn it slowly.

Fun Fact: Woody Allen is an admirer of Gogol and paid homage to him in his film Sleeper by having our future society ruled by a leader who had been reduced by an assassination attempt to just a nose on life support.

One response to “Jeremy’s Book Recommendations: “The Nose””

  1. Nick says:

    This is a McPhee classic. Nose candy is also on the list with this one.