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Nuns Having Fun

Feb 11, 2009

We all know that over the years Archie McPhee has made and sold a variety of products that involve nuns. The list includes punching puppets, snack boxes, salt & pepper shakers, lawn ornaments, wind-up sparking nuns (aka Nunzilla), finger puppets, soap, snow globes, squeaking nuns, a dashboard nun on a spring, a bottle opener, a candle and the Nun Chuck.

What you may not know is that over the years Archie McPhee has been visited by real life nuns who, without fail, always love our nun products. For years a pair of nuns always set up a table of religious merchandise at the annual Ballard Seafood Fest. These particular nuns wore light blue habits and had painted one of our yard nuns to match! This little blue nun always received prominent placement on their merch table. I loved watching them walk back to their car proudly carrying a mini version of themselves along with them.

Well, last Sunday there were a couple young nuns browsing around the store. At one point I noticed them closely inspecting all of our saints. Later on one of them approached me at the cash register. She was holding a Tub o’ Nuns and had a wide smile on her face. She told me that she thought the wee nuns were wonderful and really liked the Nun Chuck as well. So our happy nun record remains unsullied, but that’s not what really makes the evening noteworthy. Shortly after the nuns had made their purchases and left, I was approached by a gentleman with a worried expression on his face who asked me if I had noticed that there were two nuns in the store. He was clearly alarmed so I told him that I had indeed noticed them and that one of them had even come up to express her delight about the Nun Chuck. He was shocked. He proceeded to tell me that while he was shopping around the store he came across the flingers and catapults and that the Nun Chuck in particular caught his eye. But right before he reached up to grab one he noticed the two nuns beside him inspecting the very same item. It completely spooked him and made him feel so guilty that he decided not to purchase it.

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