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Q&A with Amy

Dec 2, 2011

Wow, can you believe it’s already December? Grab a mug of hot cocoa (don’t forget the marshmallows!) and settle in for another round of Q&A with a new new member of the Archie McPhee staff, Amy!

Archie McPhee: What is your nerdiest secret?

Amy: I started a recycling program in my classroom… in 4th grade. I was the one digging through the garbage to SAVE THE WORLD!

AM: What is the strangest thing inside your fridge right now? What’s the most delicious?

Amy: The only thing in my freezer is an entire Dungeness Crab and it has the honor of most tasty too.

AM: Do you collect anything in particular?

Amy: Rocks. Yep!

AM: What is your superpower?

Amy: Time Traveler!!

AM: What Archie McPhee product do you wish you’d had as a child?

Amy: I’d rather answer what I’m glad I DIDN’T have (since everything would have struck my fancy)…the magic eight balls, I don’t wanna know what’s comin’!

Welcome Amy! We hope your awesome time travelling powers come in handy here at Archie’s!

Stay tuned for more Q&A sessions with other members of the Archie McPhee staff.

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