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Q&A with Shana

May 16, 2011

Welcome to another round of Q&A with a member of the Archie McPhee store staff. This time we’ll hear from our manager, High Priestess of Rubber Chickens, Shana!

Archie McPhee: What is your nerdiest secret?

Shana: I love old Star Trek and I own an “I’m with illogical” t-shirt. At home I even drink out of a lieutenant Uhura mug!

AM: What is the strangest thing inside your fridge right now? What’s the most delicious?

Shana: The strangest is a banana used in a Damned show by Captain Sensible. The most delicious is my home made pear chutney (using pears from my tree!)

AM: What, if anything, do you collect?

Shana: Black cats! Vintage girl stuff like compacts, hair nets, bobbi pins.

AM: What is your superpower?

Shana: My blood curdling scream (watch for an up and coming product featuring my scream)

AM: What Archie McPhee product do you wish you’d had as a child?

Shana: Pink mustaches for girls!

Thanks Shana! We’ll vouch for the fact that your scream is pretty spectacular!

Stay tuned for more Q&A session with other members of the Archie McPhee staff.

2 responses to “Q&A with Shana”

  1. ancy says:

    I am looking for a wee mask with peacock feathers. You are closed during my time off. Do you have such a thing? Oh do answer, please.

    • Maika says:

      We might! The store gets new items in stock all the time. Please call the store directly (206-297-0240) to inquire. Thanks and good luck!