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Q&A with Wendy

Oct 5, 2011

Today we would like to introduce one of the newest members of the Archie McPhee staff, Wendy!

Archie McPhee: What is your nerdiest secret?

Wendy: No secrets here…I wear my nerdiness on my sleeve!

But I will share…

Long ago, in a galaxy far far away…

On Labor Day, Anakin (my son) and I waited outside of Goodwill in Silverdale from 6:30am til 8am when they opened so we could get a really expensive (almost $200) scientific graphing calculator for 99 cents! Another nerd was there for the same thing but he showed up late…we totally beat him to it. NERD FIGHT!

AM: What is the strangest thing inside your fridge right now? What’s the most delicious?

Wendy: Strangest thing: Spinach Cheese Pasta…uncovered…that I forgot to throw out over a week ago.

Most Delicious thing: Bacon!!!

AM: Do you collect anything in particular?

Wendy: A rolling stone gathers no moss.

AM: What is your superpower?

Wendy: I am able to irritate Shana at the mere mention of Wil Wheaton.

AM: What Archie McPhee product do you wish you’d had as a child?

Wendy: “Had” is past tense…which would imply that I ever grew up…

But if you’re talking about in the 80s, I would have to say anything with a unicorn on it. By relation, also narwhal stuf

Welcome Wendy! We’re glad to have you and your nerdiness with us. By the way that tentacle mustache looks awesome on you! 🙂

Stay tuned for more Q&A sessions with other members of the Archie McPhee staff.

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