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The new McPhee.com

Sep 29, 2012

What do Unicorns:


and Underpants all have in common?:

Easy! They’re each categories of awesome stuff available on the entirely redone Archie McPhee website:

It’s all so fancy and new. Check it out.

(Pictured above: Aura the unicorn created by Indigo-Ocean, Bacon Lamp Shade by Kris Kelley, and “Goat Dressing” at the Liberty Stampede Rodeo in Pennsylvania)

One response to “The new McPhee.com”

  1. Susan Redd says:

    25 Nov 2012
    Your catalog just arrived yesterday. I love it again! Thanks for your wild ideas. The yodeling pickle seasonal tree decoration is particularly appealing for combatting those who precariously peak in their presents before Christmas. Keep up the good work!
    S. R.