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Wallingford Store Taking Shape

May 1, 2009

The new building looks more and more like the future home of Archie McPhee with each passing day. Gone is the drab, oppressive grey liquor store. The corner of 45th and Stone Way is turning into a wonderfully radiant red and yellow eyesore. The new awning just went up complete with a delightful fez-wearing monkey and an endorsement by the Council of Monsters. Meanwhile the interior is looking like a bowl of rainbow sherbet.

Click here for more pics of the new store!

As the new location keeps getting better and better, our soon-to-be former home in Ballard is clearing out. We’re taking down all the treasures that have been hanging on the walls and ceilings for the past 10 years and it’s starting to look pretty cavernous in here.

While everyone is focused on moving preparations, we also got in a handful of delightful new items recently – including temporary knuckle tattoos, mirror decals to make your reflection wear silly facial hair, glasses, or even a monocle, ice molds shaped like guitars, elegant silver roman numeral and candelabra birthday candles, a spoon with a spring handle for launching your food, and a set of wee hors d’œuvre plates with rings on the underside so you can wear them on your finger and keep a hand free at parties. Bon appetit!

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