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Free Gift on your Birthday!

Come in to the store on your birthday, present your I.D. and we’ll give you a super special present!

Here are some pics from some of our past events…

Seafair Pirates Invade Archie McPhee!

Tiny Dan'l says Happy Ballard Seafood Fest!

Anthony Bourdain visits Archie McPhee!

Meeghan Black's Seemless Segue from Kevin Bacon to Bacon Toothpaste

Evening Magazine's Meeghan Black Eye-Bombs Archie McPhee!

Space Theme Day, 1995

More Archie McPhee Opening Party, 2004 - Hosted by John Kiester

David the sidewalk sale barker - Sidewalk Sale 2007

McPhee meets Reservoir Dogs - Sidewalk Sale 2007

Art Car Gathering

Art Car Gathering

Art Car Gathering

Art Car Gathering

Art Car Gathering

Befoul the Water and Win a Prize! Free Ballard Jubilee

Free Ballard Jubilee 2007

Corndog Costume! Halloween 2010

Gruesome Self-portrait! Halloween 2010

April Fish Jar Winner!

April Fish Jar!