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Our Customers Rule!

We have the best customers of all time and here are some photos to prove it…

We Love Matthew Inman from The Oatmeal

Ye Olde Traditional "Brine in the Face" Ritual

zombie eyes, tentacles, mowhawks..

Get it, girls!

Off to bust some myths!

Visitors from our Sister City - Tashkent, Uzbekistan

Visitors from our Sister City - Tashkent, Uzbekistan

Visitors from our Sister City - Tashkent, Uzbekistan

Not Just For Cats!

Phew! Close call.

Photo Strip Royalty!

World's Smallest Man, in the flesh!

Our BFF from Chile!

More photo booth awesome happening at the store!

World-Famous Luna the Soccer Dog visits Archie McPhee!

Little One Loves Our Poodle Oh-So-Much!

I Luff You!

Awesomest Customer of the Day So Far!

Oh, Em, Gee!

Ready for the Big Game!

A bunch of our awesome customers signed this card for the real Archie McPhee’s 110th Birthday Celebration:

Archie McPhee's Birthday Card
Archie McPhee's Birthday Card


Got a great story about Archie McPhee? Or if you just want to tell us how much you love us… email [email protected]

What People Are Saying About Us...

“Grey Brian loves (tolerates) her new bonnet!”

Jane Drazek

Processed with VSCO with c7 preset


“I am a vet tech in Norfolk, VA and was visiting some friends a couple of weeks ago. One of the things on my “must do” list was to experience Archie McPhee! In a word. ..AWESOME! I found some great things for our client services supervisor to “torture” her cat Duck Duck with! Attached are pictures. Thanks again and I’ll be back this summer. ”

Norfolk, VA




“I have loved your products ever since High School, when I bought my first pair of giant underwear. On my honeymoon, I even took my husband to the ACTUAL store, I had only had access to your catalog before. It was intense, to say the least. Today I was in a local Michigan store that carries some of your items and I found the best surprise ever. A giant bacon magnet! Thank you for being that best at making crazy fun things.”

Molly Marshall
Grand Rapids, MI



I want to be on the McPhee Slideshow of Fame on the website with my amazing hearing capabilities.

Thanks for the funnest store EVER! I learned about from my lil’ sis who lives there in Seattle then roped my co-workers into loving it too. Cupcake Mints are my favorite. Not so hot on the Thanksgiving Dinner Gumballs though the cranberry sauce was good.

Wish I lived closer!”

Sacramento, CA


Our Customers Rule!



“Dear Archie McPhee & Company

I love your store because it has really weird candy and it has an awesome selection of toys and novelties. I am nine years old and live in San Diego, CA. I went to Seattle for my summer trip and went to Archie McPhee with my cousins. I was amazed when I walked in. It was like a dream come true! I LOVED IT!”

– Todd S



“Seattle’s favorite kitsch and novelty emporium.”

Jack Broom

Seattle Times



“Everyone’s favorite Ballardian giggle-shop.”

– Seattle Times



“Archie McPhee is one place no one should pass up for shopping. Anything you need — and most things you don’t.”

– Seattle Post Intelligencer



“Best Place to Buy Things You Don’t Need”

– NWsource.com’s Peoples Pick



“Archie McPhee’s is a must see tourist destination and an outrageous shopping experience”

– Sean Johnson



“If there’s a heaven for the deranged, Archie McPhee is probably it.”

Josh B



“For all the bomb shizzles go to Archie McPhizzles for rizzles yo.”

Jordan C



“You are a national treasure. Never once in all my teacher training did anyone hint that the key to classroom management is a “big bag o’ cheap little prizes” from Archie McPhee. Is there a worldwide conspiracy to conceal this critical information? It must be stopped! Spread the word. Archie McPhee is as practical and useful as it is beautiful and entertaining.”

– peej



“Archie McPhee,

Rat City loves you!! Thanks so much for all the support and contributions you have given Grave Danger and the league. Looking forward to seeing you at the season opener in March!”

Hugs + Bruises
Alexis of Evil + Rat City Rollergirls



Customers Share Their Memories...

When our grandchildren were younger (they’re 13, 14, 16, & 17 now), when we took them on tours, expeditions, trips to Disney, etc., we had them wear their propeller beanies so that we could spot them easily & keep track of them. It worked. They still have their beanies & wear them now and then.


Titusville, FL



Had Archie been around at the time I got married, I would certainly have registered there, rather than boring old Geary’s of Beverly Hills. I mean, are not Affirmation Balls more useful than stupid old Royal Doulton china? Thank God you are still here. Of course I have shared you with everyone I love. One of my favorite memories is that of my very dearest cousin, Steffi, whose sense of fashion, whimsy and individuality I can only dream of one day attaining. She has been a faithful Archie patron, and was delighted to find that she could purchase alligator shoes that looked like real alligator feet, something she was unable to buy in Los Angeles, a city with no style, and she lives near UCLA, a particularly superficial and conformist area. Unfortunately, Steffi was forced to return the shoes. Aghast, I demanded to know how she could do such a heinous deed, these shoes were beyond perfect!Sadly, Steffi replied, “they just weren’t that comfortable.” My saddest memory is when you ran out of freeloader forks and I had no Christmas gift for my sister. Sniff. Sob.

Love, Randi



I was living in Seattle in the early 90’s. At work, I was welcoming a transfer from another group into our happy little product team, but danger lurked everywhere. No one trusted the “new guy” and to make matters worse, we had to put him in the “Cube of Mysterious Demise”, where the previous three tenants had all left under less-than-optimal circumstances. Naturally, this called for a combination cube exorcism and dessert party. We could get our hands on awesome cheesecake, but butchering a live chicken was frowned upon at our office. What to do? In a flash, I hightailed it to the original Archie McPhee location in Fremont – The only place on the planet guaranteed to have just what we needed – A rubber chicken! The exorcism/dessert party was a success! Harmony ensued and the “new guy” happily hung the rubber chicken on his wall just in case.

I live on the East Coast now, but am often buying from the McPhee website for my current co-workers. I also make a pilgrimage to the new McPhee location in scenic Ballard whenever business brings me to Seattle.

Here’s to another 25 years of fun and mayhem!

Best regards,

Sue Hutchinson



One year I dressed like an elf to go to my family’s Christmas gift exchange wearing the red rubber Archie McPhee elf shoes. What was under the tree for me but…another pair of Archie McPhee red rubber elf shoes! I guess my brother knows me all too well…

Brooke Alberts