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You won’t believe our selection of new products and classic items including toys, action figures, collectibles, bulk trinkets, surplus items, souvenirs, costumes, party supplies and much much more. Take a look…

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The front door... Come on in!
You'll be overwhelmed by what's inside!
Where to begin?
The selection is endless!
Our world famous bizarre candy selection!
Trinkets and doodads!
Finger Monkeys, Monsters and Zombies!
Finger Monsters!
Crazy Bandages!
Tiny things and figurines!
So much fun stuff!
Gaze upon the Giant Devil Head!
Experience the Wallingford Beast!
Have your fortune told by Cap'n Archie!
Look inside the Amazing Glow Chamber!
A sneak peek inside the Glow Chamber!
Beware the Giant Lizard Head!
Hear Motog as he speaks your fortune!
Archie's Wall of Fame! Celebrities who love us!
Mr. Bacon Photo Op!
The Archie McPhee Van!
This van's a rockin'!

Staff Favorites

Each month, the Archie McPhee staff picks their favorite products to share with you! Click here to see this month’s Staff Picks on our blog.

Free Gift on your Birthday!

Come in to the store on your birthday, present your I.D. and we’ll give you a super special present!

Wedding Registry

Free Wedding Registry!

Who wouldn’t want cool stuff from Archie McPhee as wedding gifts? Come on in and sign up for our FREE Wedding Registry!

While you’re here, check out our extensive collection of alternative and hilarious wedding cake toppers!

We love some love!

Jeff Picks: Two Grooms in a Gazeebo!

It's that magical time of year.

dolphin crashes armless bride's wedding

Tiki love

Mini groom

Reluctant Groom Cake Topper

The Reluctant Bride is back!

Indian Bride and Groom

The World's Biggest Champagne Glass!

Back to Back Bride and Groom

Colossal Diamond Ring & Wedding Carriage

Wedding Cake

Bride and Groom

Veil and Wedding Slinger

Bride and Groom

2 Brides in Gazebo

Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake Toppers

Wedding Cake Toppers