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Visit the world-famous Rubber Chicken Museum located in the Archie McPhee store in Seattle, Washington. As the home to the world’s largest rubber chicken and the world’s smallest rubber chicken, you’ll stand slack-jawed in awe in front of our display of plastic poultry.



Open since 2018, this museum has set the rubber chicken world abuzz. Scholars from more than ten countries have visited in a quest to discover what makes rubber chickens funny. The exhibit features a scholarly essay by renowned rubber chicken expert Kirk Demarais that puts the rubber chicken in its correct historical context.



You’ll laugh, learn and take your picture next to the world’s largest rubber chicken!



As if that weren’t enough, we also have a rotating display from Archie McPhee’s owner Mark Pahlow’s amazing collection of novelties. Called the “Room 6” collection after the locked room where he keeps his treasures. There truly is no other place to see items like this. You’ll want to return when the next batch goes in.



Here’s a video of the Grand Opening event held on May 11, 2018: