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Seattle World’s Fair Postcard Records

World's Fair Postcard Records

These postcards were sold at the Seattle World’s Fair in 1962. Produced by Roger H. Roseland and Mr. Smith of Smitty’s Pancake House, each card features an original World’s Fair inspired tune by a local Seattle artist. You see, not only are they postcards, but also records. A relative of Mr. Roseland recently found a few boxes of them in her attic! To play the records, it’s recommended that you tape them to a full size album to provide stability and to make sure that the postcard is flat. Own a piece of valuable Seattle history for a great price. Note: These postcards are vintage, so there is a chance some of the records might skip.

“Invitation to the Fair” performed by Joe Juma
“Cafe in the Sky” performed by Kelly Gates
“Come and See Seattle” by the Frank Sugia Trio and Naomi
“World’s Fair Seattle” performed by Billy Earles

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